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T-Fos, Tom and Justin's Visit


Justin, T-Fos (known as Tim Fosbury in more formal circumstances) and I converged on London by train, and successfully met up in Leicester Sq. late one Saturday afternoon. Tom sadly (but predictably) missed his flight from Italy, so it was down to the three UK-program students hitting the streets of foggy London-town on the first night of our HC reunion weekend. When trying to think of things to do, we started laughing at the fact that there was a lot of touristy things that none of us had done because we didn't want to be the "Ugly American." We decided it would be the perfect time to tackle a few, and found ourselves recreating the legendary Abby Road album cover, messing around in the Sherlock Holmes Museum, and taking a tour of sites made famous by Jack the Ripper. I can sincerely recommend all three, but a fair warning about Abby Road; its not so much the quiet little tucked away scene on the album as it is an actively used and extremely busy street frequented by Londoners who like playing chicken with American tourists. Good times.



Once Tom finally arrived on Sunday we had run out of stuff to do and Tom had brought the worst hail storm I had ever seen to London, so we holed up in a pub and spent a few hours catching up. It was great to see the guys again, and Tommy and I ended up hanging around Piccadilly Circus that night even after the other two headed back to their respective UK homes. I kept him company while he waited for his bus to the airport at Victoria station (almost freezing to death in the process) and then we parted ways. I headed back to Leicester to shower, change and attend a few classes, before heading straight back to London that night to see Tool at Wembley Stadium. The show was fantastic and I managed to catch the last train back to Leicester that night so I could finally catch up on some much needed sleep.

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