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Amanda, Meg, Dink and Justin's Visit


My good friend Meg, whom I have known since I was five years old, came to visit London with her new boyfriend, Chris Wilterdink, in tow. Dink is a pretty good guy who actually goes to Holy Cross with Meg and I, but they got together while both studying abroad in Spain. Their visit was fun; we met up with Justin (who was studying at Oxford) and Amanda (who was studying at Sussex) and went to the market on Portobello Road. Along the way we poked our heads into a cool little pub that had each table sectioned off for the sake of privacy. It was a great place to stop for a pint and Justin had great fun with what he dubbed the "Hobbit doors." We visited the usual London attractions and made faces at the horse guards as all good Americans do. Amanda, Meg and Dink eventually had to duck out to go meet up with other people who were much cooler than us, so Justin and I spent a few more hours in London. He told me about this cool exhibit in the Tate Modern involving mutli-story slides. I was of course intrigued and we proceeded to make our way to the museum and take full advantage of said hands-on exhibit.

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